Temporary Roofs and Scaffolding in Weybridge | Rent or Buy?

If you frequently undertake projects which require a scaffold tower, or plan to, you have probably wondered whether it is better to buy or rent scaffolds. While we cannot tell you the best option for your circumstances, we can provide expert advice to help make the decision easier. If you decide renting is the way to go, our scaffolding erectors can provide full access solutions for your project in Egham, Weybridge or the nearby areas

Our scaffolding company offers a range of solutions, including timely scaffold supply and delivery,  support scaffolds, temporary roofs, such as Keder roofs, temporary stair access, and safety checks with thorough scaffolding inspections. As such, our local scaffolders have worked with numerous individuals and companies, gaining experience in varied needs and scaffold tower applications.

The following are key considerations when choosing whether to rent or buy scaffolds:

How long do you need it for?

For a quick job that will last one or two weeks, it is not cost-effective to buy your own scaffold materials. Likewise, if you are a small contractor just starting out and are unsure about securing future projects, it is best to rent. We then recommend looking at buying when you have regular, longer-term projects.

What projects will you be working on?

Projects which require scaffolding vary dramatically. Different jobs require scaffolds of different types and sizes. Additional features can also vary, such as the need for temporary roofs and temporary stair access.

Consequently, unless every job you work on is similar, you may find you have to keep buying additional materials, resulting in ever-growing expenses. However, renting from our scaffolding company in Weybridge allows optimal flexibility with minimal cost – you rent exactly what you need, when you need it.

Do you have the relevant skills?

Scaffolding erectors have certain qualifications, skills and knowledge which ensure structures are safe, suitable and compliant. If no one on your team has relevant training and competence, renting is the best option all round.

Budget and storage

Generally, it is far more affordable to rent scaffold towers on a project-by-project basis. However, it is important to weigh up the cost of renting/buying with the duration of your project. For example, renting may not be the most cost-effective option for jobs which span years.

Our scaffolding company also advises customers in Weybridge to consider other associated costs with buying scaffolds, temporary stair access and temporary roofs such as tin hat or Keder roofing. The components of these access solutions and structures are bulky and you will need somewhere secure to store them. You will also need vehicles and personnel to transport materials, as well as scaffolding erectors. Regular scaffolding inspections and maintenance can also incur costs.

Whatever your current thinking, do not hesitate to contact our local scaffolders to get a free, no-obligation quote and advice regarding scaffold supply and delivery, as well as alternate access solutions that could best suit you.

Please call 01784 437875 or 07951 590094 domestic and commercial scaffolding in Weybridge and the surrounding areas.