Scaffolding Company With Expert Scaffolding Erectors in Bracknell | Importance of Scaffolding For Construction Projects

Scaffolding provides roofers and builders with a stable and safe platform to carry out their work. At AGB Scaffolding Services Ltd, we provide a range of high quality scaffolding including temporary roofs and temporary stair access scaffolding. The structures our scaffolding company provides allow tradespeople to manoeuvre around buildings easily and quickly. Our scaffolding erectors carefully manage all structural and safety requirements for construction projects in Bracknell and all surrounding areas.

Here, our team have listed a few of the reasons why scaffolding is so important for construction jobs.


To complete constructions efficiently and effectively, builders need to be able to access all elements of buildings. The scaffolding we provide allows tradespeople to easily access areas that otherwise would be hard to reach. We work to all designs to ensure every level is accessible and makes construction work easier.


Working at a height always carries some level of risk. Our scaffolding company provides safe solutions that allow builders to undertake work without worry. Our scaffolding erectors ensure all structures, including temporary roofs and temporary stair access, adhere to all health and safety requirements to ensure the safety of builders, customers and properties in and around Bracknell. The safety measures and checks we undertake include:

We are also fully covered with CISRS cards, NVQ and SVQ qualifications and we are also registered with the CITB.

Position For Builders

One of the main advantages of scaffolding is the strategic positions they allow builders and tradespeople to work from. It also means that builders don’t have to rely on ladders, which may not provide suitable access and can be dangerous and unstable. Scaffolding provides access to all levels and areas required during construction work. This means builders can not only complete work safely but also efficiently and easily. This means the quality of work will be better and can be completed quicker. The larger platforms available also allow multiple tradespeople to work at the same time together, something that is not possible with ladders. 

Scaffolding is an essential component of construction projects. It allows builders to access tall buildings, carry out crucial work and maintenance safely and efficiently. Our scaffolding erectors work quickly which allows tradespeople to also work quickly. At our scaffolding company, we are happy to discuss clients’ unique scaffolding requirements with them to ensure we provide the best service possible. We have an extensive range of quality scaffolding available, including temporary roofs and temporary stair access, to aid construction jobs in and around Bracknell.

For a reliable scaffolding company with expert scaffolding erectors in and around Bracknell, please call AGB Scaffolding Services Ltd on 01784 437 875 or 07951 590 094 today.