Scaffolding Company in Twickenham | Managing Scaffolding Risks

When it comes to choosing a scaffolding company for your upcoming project, you should have various points on your checklist. However, there is one thing that stands head and shoulders above most other aspects in importance: safety. To safeguard your sub-contractors, your property and the public, you must choose scaffolding erectors with a proven health and safety record when it comes to scaffold supply and delivery. Whether you have a basic access scaffold outside your home in Twickenham and the nearby areas, or a huge structure with temporary stair access and temporary roofs, ongoing safety remains vital. This is why we not only install but make thorough scaffolding inspections to ensure everything is to standard.

If installed improperly by an inexperienced, unqualified scaffolding company, these structures become a genuine risk to health, and even life. Below, we have provided essential advice for safe scaffolding installation and use. As you will see, your decision to choose reputable scaffolding erectors sets a tone for strict safety for the duration of your project.

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How to Avoid Scaffolding Accidents

According to recent statistics, 72% of injuries suffered during scaffold use involved a structural malfunction, falling objects hitting workers or slipping. While accidents will always happen from time to time, the nature of these incidents suggests a safer approach could have prevented them.

The best way to reduce accidents is to follow basic steps that lead to safer scaffold towers, from the foot of temporary stair access up to the temporary roof, such as tin hat roofing.

Use a Professional Scaffolding Company

Qualified, experienced scaffolding erectors design, assemble and alter structures in full compliance with current Health and Safety standards. They will inspect the scaffold at your Twickenham site before first use and then hand it over to you. From this point, you are responsible for the structure’s ongoing safety.

Schedule Regular Inspections

While your scaffolding company signs off your structure as safe, it needs regular inspections to ensure that it remains so. The workers using the scaffold must perform daily visual checks, noting any mishaps or signs of damage. Maybe the temporary stair access has started to wobble? Is there a leak in the temporary roof?

Most importantly, though, you must have your structure inspected professionally on a weekly basis for the duration of its use. The majority of scaffolding erectors, including A & GB Scaffolding, are happy to perform inspections on their own structures.

Follow Safety Guidelines

In our role as your scaffolding company, we never leave your safety to chance. After the erection of your structure in Twickenham, our local scaffolders leave you with guidelines for safe scaffold use. These include maximum load capacities. But we also administer scaffolding inspections, thoroughly assessing the safety of all access solutions installed.

The structure and temporary, tin hat roofing our scaffolding erectors assemble for you has a maximum load capacity. This ensures that it won’t collapse. If you exceed this load, you run the risk of a serious accident.

Train Your Workers

The personnel you hire to use your scaffold towers are the people most likely to suffer an accident on it. You can safeguard their health by training them how to use it properly. This includes how to safely ascend the scaffold, be it via temporary stair access or ladders. You must also teach them how to use fall protection equipment and how to perform visual inspections.

Keep a log of your training and visual checks. This will cover you if an accident does occur.

Keep a Tidy Working Space

Depending on the size of your scaffold and temporary roof, you might have a large group of sub-contractors and tradespeople working on your Twickenham site at once. But even if you only have 2 or 3, you must always maintain a clear and tidy working environment. Our scaffolding erectors work to the same standards when assembling your structure.

This centres around the proper storing of supplies, tools and other equipment. By not leaving things in the wrong place, there’s less chance of trips, falling objects and subsequent injuries.

Be Diligent

As a scaffolding company, we sympathise with your need to meet deadlines and budgets. But you must never push for results at the expense of safety. In most cases, scaffolding safety is simple common sense. For example, don’t place boxes or free-standing ladders on the structure.

Likewise, if a liquid spill occurs on your temporary stair access or a working platform, make sure it’s cleaned up before work resumes. The same goes for clearing ice and snow or any other slip hazards.

For further information regarding our safe access solutions with scaffold supply and delivery, as well as the installation and safety inspection procedures, please contact us today.

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