Temporary Roofs and Temporary Stair Access in Egham

Having the right equipment and access solution available to get the job done is an important factor in any working environment. When this work takes place at height in hard-to-access areas, having what you need to hand becomes critical.

Two of the services we can provide for clients in Egham and the nearby areas are temporary roofs and temporary stair access. One protects your working area. The other grants you access into it. Our scaffolding erectors have experience in both. When you choose our scaffolding company for your scaffold supply and delivery, we provide you with scaffold towers and health and safety scaffolding inspections.

Let’s look at these solutions, and at their benefits, more closely.

Temporary Roofs

If you have a project underway where there is property exposed to the elements, you’ll need to take precautions in case the weather turns. Our time-served scaffolding erectors can construct temporary roofs, such as Keder roofs, with weatherproof sheeting to keep wind and rain at bay. It is an installation that is common in construction, and in roof replacement and reroofing work.

A temporary roof is a scaffolding construction that our local scaffolders can provide to projects in Egham as either a full covering, or as a partial fixture that leaves your key working area clear.

Temporary Stair Access

Hiring a staircase from a scaffolding company gives you, or the contractors you use, safe access solutions into areas that would otherwise be unreachable. You can also use temporary stair access to help the public navigate past working areas with no risk of harm or injury. The systems we use are fast to set up and have applications for building sites, railways and more.

Temporary stair access systems comply with current UK building regulations. Tamperproof locks keep Egham sites secure while an ergonomic design makes installation and removal simple.

The Benefits

Scaffolding erectors are an important part of the building and construction sector. Their principal role is, of course, scaffold supply and delivery, and to build platforms and scaffold towers for contractors to use when working at height but, at the same time, they also have a duty to educate. Our scaffolding company uses its own personnel to provide clients in Egham with instructions on safe use.

This includes toolbox talks for contractors working onsite.

First, we look at the benefits of a temporary roof:

  • Workspace that protects staff from bad weather

  • No damage to property between stages of work

  • Tools and equipment kept dry and damage-free

  • Projects kept mobilised even in bad weather

  • Fast construction and dismantling for cost control

The benefits of temporary stair access include:

  • Safer than accessing workspace with a ladder

  • Fast installation and simple securement

  • Anti-slip treads for improved user safety

  • Lightweight design for increased mobility

  • Complies with BS EN 131 and comes with guardrails

We want you to use our scaffolding company with confidence. To get the job done safely, you might need access to us quickly. With responsive services available across all Egham areas, there isn’t another team of scaffolding erectors out there with our levels of experience in temporary roofs, such as quality Keder roofs, temporary stair access, scaffolding inspections, and modern scaffolding stages and systems.

Speak to one of our local scaffolders today. We look forward to supplying you and your site very soon.

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