Temporary Stair Access and Temporary Roof in Richmond | Maintaining Safety in Every Season

As a foremost scaffolding company in Richmond and the nearby areas, A & GB Scaffolding provides bespoke frameworks for projects that involve work at height. Our structures are vital to the safety and optimal performance of your contractors, be they builders, electricians, roofers or any other profession. Our scaffolding erectors integrate features like temporary roofs, such as Keder roofs, edge protection and temporary stair access to create fully bespoke scaffold towers designed to meet the needs of your site and project.

For your peace of mind, our scaffolding company puts safety at the heart of our services. By working to strict Health and Safety regulations, we provide you with the highest possible levels of security. Thorough inspections of erected scaffolds on a weekly basis are key to this. Our scaffolding erectors also inspect your structure after adverse weather conditions.

Extreme weather remains one of the biggest threats to the safety of scaffolding and temporary roofs, be they in Richmond or any other location. With more than 30 years of shared experience, our scaffolding contractors adapts to any conditions, be they in the winter season or the height of summer.

Below, we have looked at how the seasons can impact your commercial and residential scaffolding, from the temporary stair access to the goods hoists. With A & GB Scaffolding on your side, you can rest assured that your project will always have the safest, most secure access solution.

Safe Scaffolding in All Seasons


More accidents take place on scaffolds in winter than at any other time of year. It’s vital, then, for construction teams to take extra care when using one. First, it’s important to conduct regular checks for icy surfaces. Sunlight is at its lowest during winter, so hazards are harder to spot, especially as work continues into darker afternoons. Much like our own scaffolding erectors, it’s important to wear warm clothing too. This helps to prevent frostbite and illnesses.

As a time-served scaffolding company, we can provide all the advice and guidance needed to ensure winter safety at your Richmond site.


Spring brings with it an increase in showers. This wet weather poses a new set of challenges. Heavy rainfall creates slippery surfaces. This can be especially dangerous on temporary stair access installations. High winds can also send debris flying around your site. Generally speaking, spring is a good time to start maintenance and construction projects. However, you must always clearly state where your personnel can find shelter if the conditions turn.

Our scaffolding erectors install temporary roofs where needed. This feature provides an extra level of protection from the elements.


Summer is the perfect time to hire a scaffolding company and renovate a home or commercial property. Despite the nicer weather, you must still take numerous precautions. Sunburn is a leading problem in this season, with overheating aerosol cans and distractions from hay fever also a risk. Simple acts like having the necessary sunscreen and medications, and putting cans in a shaded spot, make all the difference.

A temporary tin hat or Keder roof offers protection against the sun and summer storms in equal measure. Another risk to your Richmond-based team is heatstroke. Avoid this by keeping everyone well hydrated.


Unpredictability remains the biggest concern in autumn for both commercial and residential scaffolding. Some weeks feel like an Indian summer, while others see the return of increased rainfall. Fallen leaves can also collect around your scaffold tower and temporary stair access. If left to get wet, they represent a slip hazard. In the very worst cases, such as a storm, our scaffolding erectors will visit your site in Richmond to undertake an extensive inspection and ensure the safest possible access solution is found.

Our scaffolding company treats safety with paramount importance. If you have even the slightest doubt about your structure following adverse weather, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our friendly scaffolding contractors today, and arrange an inspection.

Call us on 01784 437 875 or 07951 590 094 to schedule an inspection of your scaffold and temporary roof in the Richmond area.