Scaffolding Erectors in Staines | Scaffolding Company Explains The Biggest Hazards of Working at Height

Are you planning property maintenance work or a construction project in the Staines area? While the former may involve working at height, the latter definitely will. Such work represents one of the most dangerous working environments in the UK. As a scaffolding company ourselves, we can attest to the numerous hazards workers face when not working at ground level. From scaffolding erectors to construction workers, anyone working on a raised platform faces an increased probability of physical injury or death.

Be it a temporary roof, temporary stair access or any other scaffolding feature, AGB Scaffolding Services takes every step necessary to ensure your site remains safe. But what are the biggest hazards associated with working at height? We have listed some of the most common dangers below.

For more information about our dedication to the safety of your site in Staines, please visit the Health and Safety page.

The Weather

As a scaffolding company, we oversee every aspect of your scaffold’s safety. However, we cannot control the weather. Because the weather can change suddenly, it’s important that you’re prepared. Rain, ice,snow, hail and heatwaves all pose their own unique challenges.

To avoid slippery surfaces on your temporary stair access and working platforms, you can integrate a temporary roof onto your scaffold.

Strong winds can also dislodge materials, but our scaffolding erectors inspect your structure following adverse weather, so this will minimise any risk. Aside from this, the advice is to keep your Staines-based workers hydrated and well trained.

Falling Objects

It’s understandable to imagine those working on a scaffold face the most risk. However, scaffolding erectors, builders and other trades working on the ground also contend with a significant danger: namely, objects falling from height. If tools, equipment or materials fall from around the temporary roof or the upper levels of a scaffold, they can seriously injure, or even kill, someone working below.

Training and good working practices can prevent such accidents. As your scaffolding company, we supply guidelines for the safe use of your scaffold, from the foot of the temporary stair access to the roof.

For example, learning how to stack and store items used at height makes them much harder to topple over. Toe boards and guard rails also stop objects from rolling or slipping over the edge. Alternatively, you can set up access restrictions on the ground to ensure nobody passes through a dangerous area.

The Distance of a Potential Fall

When designing your scaffold in Staines, we factor in features that make your life easier and safer. Temporary stair access simplifies the flow of traffic. A temporary roof provides shelter and reduces delays. Our scaffolding company also assesses the distance at which work from height takes place. We then consider how to reduce injury if someone should fall or drop something from that height, including our own scaffolding erectors.

We use this information to recommend further safety solutions. These include supplying PPE for workers, often in the form of fall arrest systems. This means if an accident does happen, the party involved can avoid a serious injury or worse.

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